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The Android Robot is a playable mascot in Crossy Road that is only available on Android devices. In gameplay

Android Robot

Android Robot

the Android Robot adds unique obstacles.

This is a list of all the decorations and obstacles that were added:


Lollipops are obstacles that only appear when playing as the Android Robot, making it an Android-exclusive feature. They are different colors (blue, pink, yellow, and there will be a pink swirly colored one [the color pink with the color white being the swirl]).

Ice Creams[]

Ice Creams looks a lot like a real life ice cream. They are big as medium-sized trees. They have cream colored waffle cones that are small. Above the waffle cone are scoops of ice cream, which come in brown (chocolate), white (vanilla), and pink (strawberry). It seems like they have sprinkles around the scoops.


Doughnuts act like boulders in the sugary version of the environment. They are found in a range of colors; brown, blue, and pink, with small lines and dots which might resemble sprinkles.

Chocolate River[]

Chocolate rivers resemble a brown River. Logs and Lily Pads are present in chocolate rivers and function the same.



  • These obstacles exist because the versions of the Android OS are nicknamed after candies and sweets.
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