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Andy Sum
Andy Sum
Gender Male
Residence Melbourne, Australia
Twitter @JigxorAndy
Mascot Andy Sum (Mascot)
Not to be confused with Andy Sum (Mascot).

Andrew "Andy" Sum, also known JigxorAndy  or simply Jigxor is one of the developers of Crossy Road. While being one of the co-founders of Hipster Whale, Andy has also created games such as GAME OF THE YEAR 420BLAZEIT and Dungeon Dashers.


As a child, Sum's dream was to become a game developer. He remembered always being fascinated with games, and at a very early age he began making games as a hobby. Once he started becoming increasingly adept with these creations, he made a definite decision to turn it into a career. He began his indie projects when, as he relates, “I had an itch nagging away at me to work on my ideas. There came a time when I just had to try and build them.”[1]

Andy Sum is currently 24 years old and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a programmer and uses C# with Unity3D. He is studying a Master of Engineering (Software) at The University of Melbourne. Andy is currently working on Crossy Road and a turn-based dungeon crawler game for PC, called Dungeon Dashers.[2] During the development of Crossy Road, he was responsible for the game and sound.[3]

In his free time, he enjoys watching movies and playing games, such as Overwatch. He also enjoys coding prototpyes for new game ideas.[1]


  • Crossy Road (2014)
  • Dungeon Dashers (2013)
  • Rabbit Saga (2014)
  • ap drive (2013)
  • i need to lie down (2013)
  • Ant Surf Hero: The Surfening (2012)
  • Stray Whisker (2011)
  • Dungeon Dash (2011)
  • ZDay20 (2010)]
  • Faerie Solitaire (2009)[2]
  • Disney Crossy Road (2016)
  • After You (TBA)


  • His high score for Crossy Road is around 500.[4]
  • His favourite SNES game is Harvest Moon.[2]
  • His favourite Mascot in Crossy Road is Mallard.
  • Andy Sums' contact email is listed as


"I had an itch nagging away at me to work on my ideas. There came a time when I just had to try and build them."
―Andy Sum[5]
"Participate in game jams and release what you create. Make lots of good games!"
―Andy Sum[6]
"Make lots of games, finish them. Play lots of games and try to work out what makes them good/bad. Keep making."
―Andy Sum on Twitter