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Brazil Chicken
Brazil chicken
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 (from the Prize Machine)
Characteristics Can kick small fùtballs scattered in the Brazilian terrain

The Brazil Chicken is a playable mascot in Crossy Road added in the Brazil Update.


The Brazil Chicken appears to be almost identical to its other chicken counterparts. It has white feathers, and an orange beak and legs. However, unlike the other chickens, it also possesses a yellow jersey with a green outline. Furthermore, it is depicted with a football underneath its foot on the app icon.


If the player selects the Brazilian Chicken as their character, the terrain turns into the Brazilian city. Also, small white fùtballs (soccer balls) will appear on the terrain, which running into causes them to move away as if they were kicked. The player can kick the same ball several times if they manage to chase it down, but once it enters water, it will disappear.

How to ObtainEdit

Brazil Chicken is free ($0.00) for in-app purchase up until the following update. It can be unlocked using the Prize Machine for just 100 coins.

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  • The shirt that Brazil Chicken wears is a football/soccer jersey for a Brazillian football/soccer team.
  • The Brazil Chicken is one of the eight chickens in the game.

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