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Capsules are small boxes containing mascots. They are obtainable by spending 100 coins at the Prize Machine. Six are visible when looking at the Prize Machine, and the one in the very back of the Prize Machine is dispensed when the Prize Machine is used. Then, the screen flashes white as the capsule opens and the player will be shown a mascot. It can also present many duplicates.


Capsules are half blue and half white boxes. There is a narrow blue line that marks the intersection between the two colors.



  • Not all characters can be unlocked from the Prize Machine (and consequently capsules). These characters are called Secret Mascots.
  • The capsules reference to an arcade claw game. Where you would insert money to try and grab a prize by controlling the claw.
  • Sometimes you will earn a mascot that you already own.
  • the only character you cannot unlock is the Chicken