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Cars are one of the most common obstacles encountered in Crossy Road. They are found only on roads.

The model of a blue car in Crossy Road

Occasionally, some certain cars can be seen with musical notes coming out, and music can be heard.

Threat Edit

Cars, along with all other non-train automobiles, only appear on roads. Since roads are a major component in the game, seeing a car is a common event. This can be a problem because of the car's one-hit-kill nature. Any contact will give an immediate death.

Avoidance Edit

Cars, along with all non-train automobiles, can be easily avoided if the player follows this common strategy:

1) Wait until the roads are nearly empty, and then cross.

2) Sprint across with caution.

3) Stay in empty lanes when a car has just passed and cross in such gaps.

No strategy is without its flaws. If the player waits too long, they will be killed by the eagle. If the player over-taps, they can pass the grasslands that sometimes divides other lanes and go straight into the middle of a river, railroad, or other road.

Variants Edit

Blue car
Green car

Blue Jeep Edit

The Blue mini cars are smaller than ordinary cars, as the name says. They are mostly blue with darker blue running down the middle of the length of the car, they have a little blue spoiler and they are slightly faster than normal cars.

Green Car Edit

The Green Cars in Cross Road appear as normal cars in real life. They are mostly a solid green color with a band of darker green running down the middle of the length of the car.

Orange Car Edit


The Orange Cars in Crossy Road appear as normal cars in real life. They are mostly a solid orange color with a band of darker orange running down the middle of the length of the car.

Purple Car Edit

Purple car

The Purple Cars in Crossy Road appear as normal cars in real life. They are mostly a solid purple color with a band of darker purple running down the middle of the length of the car.

Red and Black Car Edit

This car is red with a black top and with yellow wheels. It is the same colors as Mickey Mouse, so it may be a sort of "hidden Mickey." It appears rarely in Grablin's world.

Police Car Edit


Main Article: Patrol Car

The Police Cars in Crossy Road look similar to patrol cars in real life. They are the size of ordinary cars, are blue and white, and have police light bars on top. Instead of traveling slowly like most cars, they hurl across the road very, very quickly, thus making this car deadly. You can tell when it's coming because you can see the lights.

Sports Car Edit


Main Article: Race Car

The Race Cars in Crossy Road appear as a common race car would appear in real life. It is a orange car with a "hood scoop" (a raised area of the hood, allowing air flow into the engine). It also has a white roof and a gray spoiler (a raised bar on the back of a car that affects air flow letting the car go faster). Also it always appears with black smoke coming from the back of the car.


Taxi Edit

The Taxis in Crossy Road appear as normal taxis in real life. They are mostly a solid yellow with a toplight (that "thing" on top of taxis) and a band of darker yellow running down the middle of the length of the Taxi.


Double Decker BusEdit

Main article: Double-Decker Bus

Double decker buses were added in the UK & Ireland Update. They are approximately the same size as trucks and they vary in speed. They look red, with black windows and a thin structure that are two stories high, with a band of yellow in the middle of the two layers.


Black cabEdit

Main article: Black Cab

Black cabs have the same structure as taxis. However, they have a different color, being tinted ebony instead of yellow. They vary in speed but all are the same size. They are a reference to London's famous Black Taxis.


Blue Korean Mini CarsEdit

These are about the same size as normal mini cars. However, they are primarily blue and are thinner.


Oil TrucksEdit

These are small trucks with farming crops that fly out of them and onto the road as they travel, then disappear in a second upon touching the lane. It has a purple front.


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