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The Choc Chicken is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Choc Chicken's build is identical to that of the Chicken's, which in turn is inspired by the look of real life chickens. However, the Choc Chicken is given a brown tint, hence the chocolate aspect of the Choc Chicken


The Choc Chicken plays very similarly to the Chicken, so it makes clucking sounds when hopping, and a louder sound when it is hit. The one difference is that the Choc Chicken will release small chocolate particles every time it hops while leaving a trail of small chocolate footprints wherever it hops.


  • The Choc Chicken is one of the few Chicken variants that does not release feathers when hit.
  • The Mallard was also given a choc variant, through the Choc Mallard. It is a secret character, however, and is unlocked with Jelly Bear.