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DropBear Clearing has not been given an official name. Clearing, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.

A Clearing is an uncommon and vast amount of grasslands surrounded by trees. They usually contain birds and coins with the only enemy being the Eagle within them. When playing as certain mascots, Christmas Trees and Telephone Boxes can be found in them.



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When playing as either Festive Chicken or one of the UK & Ireland mascots, you may find a clearing with a Christmas Tree (Festive Chicken) or a Telephone Box (UK & Ireland mascots). Going near the objects would cause it to react in different ways, depending on what it is – the Christmas tree bursts out presents and unlocks Gifty, whereas Telephone Box makes a sound like the phone is on hold and unlocks Telephone Box.

You can also find clearings with any other mascot, but these only contain coins and birds. A clearing is usually 17 square units long and 9 square units wide.

Related Landscapes[]

Sometimes, the player can encounter large masses of land without roads, railroads, and so on. However, these tend to have random trees in the land, and cannot be considered as a clearing. There are also no special obstacles. (See Gallery)

Pseudo-clearings and Bottlenecks[]

Pseudo-clearings are big clearings with tracks and trees. Some can be up to 20 lanes long. As there are no roads, they are very safe. A bottleneck is a lane with obstacles in all but the middle, such as (pseudo-)clearing entrances and exits. Bottlenecks can be by themselves too, but it is rare.


  • The abundance of coins in a clearing vary, especially after buying the Piggy Bank - sometimes the player can get as much as 12.