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Characteristics Can be used in the Prize Machine to win mascots

Coins are one of two currencies in Crossy Road.


Coins can be obtained by:

  • collecting them during gameplay
  • watching an advertisement
  • completing quests
  • getting a Free Gift

Often throughout a run, the player will come across coins. They can be found almost anywhere, from roads, railroads, grasslands, and even in rivers (on logs and lily pads, or even the Hipster Whale!). When the player walks over a coin, it'll collect the coin. Each coin increases the count by one. However, collecting a red coin will increase the count by five.

Every now and then, after death, the player has the chance to watch an advertisement. The ad only lasts for 10-30 seconds. At the end of the ad, the player will receive 20 coins. If the player has the Piggy Bank, they will receive 40 coins.


There are two types of coins: a yellow coin and a red coin.

Obtaining a Red Coin[]

Red coins are special, in the sense that they are only available through in-app-purchases. If the player purchases the Piggy Bank for $3.99, they will also have unlocked red coins. As an added bonus, the player will also receive 1000 coins. Red coins are rarely found like yellow coins; by doing runs.


Coins have the same basic shape as a real life coin. They are around the size of the player, depending on which mascot you are playing as. The yellow coins are yellow with a red C and the red coins are red with a yellow C. Coins are flat.


Coins only have one use: obtaining mascots. If the player saves up at least 100 coins, after death they will be given an option to cash in 100 coins for a chance at winning a new mascot in the Prize Machine. If you have gotten all the mascots and you have 100 coins or more it won't give you the option. Also, for 10,000 coins you can buy the Slippy Penguin or Bashy Beaver.


  • Approximately a coin would roughly weigh about eight pounds in real life. Read more...
  • In game video advertisements that earned the player coins had made $3 million for Hipster Whale.[1]
  • Red Coins will give the player five Coins when collecting them.



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