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DropBear Crocodile has not been given an official name. Crocodile, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Type Aquatic
Speed Varies
Characteristics Only found in rivers

Eats the player if they step on the head

Crocodiles are a type of aquatic obstacle in Crossy Road. They only appear when playing as an AustralianPrehistoric, or African mascot. (There is also an actual mascot named Crocodile.)


Crocodiles look similar to real crocodiles. Their whole body is green and they have 2 visible teeth. The crocodiles have six spikes on their backs.

They appear in the Prehistoric terrain too, a little bit more brownish.


Crocodiles consist of three parts; the tail, the body, and the head. Crocodiles can be used as logs, by jumping on the back or the tail but if the player jumps onto the head of the crocodile, it will eat them, ending the run.

Crocodiles can also move at different speeds, determined by the speed that a specific river section flows at. This can be either beneficial or act as a drawback for the player.


Crocodiles can easily be avoided, the player can simply wait for them to pass, by jumping on their bodies/tails, and/or jumping on logs instead.



  • There is an extremely rare bug, in which crocodiles can be seen facing sideways. An example of that can be found here.
  • There is also an extremely rare chance, that if a player crouches immediately while landing on its head, it will not eat the player, therefore not ending the run.
  • Currently, Crocodiles are the only aquatic obstacles.
  • Crocodiles also make an appearance in Disney Crossy Road as part of the Lion King world. They serve the same purpose. 

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