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Policeman Transparent The information on this page is not fake, but simply scrapped or concept.

These are a collection of concepts and concept art, much of which comes from Ben Weatherall's Twitter account and Tumblr Account This page may also contain spoilers.

Concepts Edit

American Update Edit

American Update has not yet been given an official name and also contains speculation.

America is believed to be the theme of an update in the future, judging by various pieces of concept art posted by Ben Weatherall.

Future Concepts Edit

These are also designs for upcoming versions of Crossy Road, but are not set to be released in the next update.

Andy Sum has stated that new characters will be here "soon".[1] The Hurdler came in the Fitness Update, and the Cyclist.

Old Designs Edit

These were designs that were either altered at a later date or never included in the final version.

Pre-Release Testing Edit

Here are a collection of photos relating to the testing of Crossy Road.[2]

References Edit

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