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Crossy Road Wiki is a complete database about the iOS, Amazon, Windows Phone/Windows 10 and Android, and web hit Crossy Road! A game produced by Hipster Whale (and published by Yodo1 Games on Google Play), Crossy Road is a new and re-stylized rendition of the classic game Frogger, get it for free on the App Store, Amazon Store, and the Google Play Store, and play it on Poki today!
Even stated by Andy Sum - one of the developers of Crossy Road - the wiki is full of info.[1] You can find out about unlocking new mascots, find the best strategies or even join the ever-growing community and find out from them about their experiences in Crossy Road. In addition, the wiki also provides a friendly, social atmosphere with features such as User Blogs and the Forum, not to even mention the extensive games and challenges offered by members of the community. Whether you're an occasional hopper or a devoted road-crosser, we hope you enjoy what the wiki has to offer and maybe help to make it even better! We suggest you to read the Rules before making any edits.

About Crossy Road


Crossy Road - Gameplay Launch Trailer (By Hipster Whale)

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Crossy Road is a mobile game developed by Hipster Whale. The concept of the game stems from the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?", although it is also described as "endless Frogger" due to its similarities with the eponymous game released by Konami in 1981. In addition, it draws influences from other games, such as FEZ, Flappy Bird, Skylanders, Subway Surfers, Temple Run and Tiny Wings.
The player's main objective in Crossy Road is to guide a mascot around obstacles such as rivers, trees, boulders and moving vehicles and advance as many steps as possible towards the upper-right corner of the screen without dying. The player controls the mascot by swiping the screen in the corresponding direction to move the mascot accordingly or tapping the screen to make the mascot take one step forward.
Crossy Road was released on iOS on November 20, 2014, Fire OS on December 18, 2014, and Android on January 8, 2015. It is currently available on iOS and Android for free, but in-app purchases are included.

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Ghost Forget Me Not.png
Play as Forget-Me-Not and get an score of 90 or more with the ghost!

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Tip of the Decade

Temporary Safety

In busy roads, railroads can be used as a temporary safety zone. Especially because the time period between the arrival of trains usually last for extremely long. Also, it's easy to tell when a train's coming. But beware of mascots with special surroundings that may block your view of the rail lights!

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The Eagle is a non-playable character in Crossy Road. It will end the game if the player idles for too long. There are several variants of the Eagle, such as the Seagull when the player plays as the Fish N' Chips.
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