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Crossy Toad
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Price 100 Tokens

The Crossy Toad is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Crossy Toad has an identical build and anatomy structure to the other frogs, such as the Tree Frog. Its skin is somewhat a light brown color, with a darker brown stripe running through the middle of it.


When playing as the Crossy Toad, the Grasslands are replaced by the Desert. He has the same characteristics of the other mascots of the Australian update, the Drop Bear, the Eagle, and the Crocodile appear as enemies. The Marmalade Dog is also an enemy to Crossy Toad. The Crossy Toad is poisonous and when eaten by a crocodile or a marmalade dog, Crossy Toad will die, but it will also kill the crocodile or the marmalade dog. If a Drop Bear jumps on Crossy Toad, the Drop Bear will not die. The eagle will snatch Crossy Toad if the mascot stays idle for too long. Sometimes, Crossy Toad will encounter another frog controlling the traffic in a crosswalk, the player can cross this road without any danger.

How to ObtainEdit


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Crossy Toad cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine because it is a secret mascot.

To unlock him, the player needs to collect 100 Tokens from Mystery Boxes.



  • Crossy Toad is based on a ubiquitous South American cane toad that was imported from Hawaii and is a feral pest in the northern parts of Australia. The cane toad has no natural predators in Australia and is highly poisonous so many native Australian animals die if they consume one. This is why the crocodile turns over dead after eating the Crossy Toad mascot.
  • Sometimes marmalade dogs appear in the landscape and bark. As Crossy Toad approaches a marmalade dog, the dog starts to quiver. Like the crocodiles, if Crossy Toad jumps onto a marmalade dog, the dog eats him. Crossy Toad dies and the marmalade dog dies too.
  • Australians generally hate cane toads because they are destroying the environment: cane toads exist in large numbers in the tropics and cause the deaths of much native wildlife. Eradication programs have generally failed so Australians have come up with inventive ways to kill them, including trying to run them over with their cars. This is why the Crossy Toad mascot will sometimes bounce off the car or truck that hits it from the front, accompanied by a squeaking noise.
  • The Drop Bear is a fictitious Australian animal said to drop from a tree onto its prey. The Drop Bear does not die when it kills Crossy Toad because it merely squashes him rather than eating him.
  • The eagle does not die when it snatches Crossy Toad.
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