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The Dinosaur Terrain is a feature of the new Dinosaur Update, which was released on September 12, 2016.

Dino terrain

The Dinosaur Terrain map.

Terrain Details[]

The Dinosaur Terrain is essentially a prehistoric version of roads and traffic. The most notable difference comparing the Dinosaur Terrain to the standard terrains is that cars are replaced with dinosaurs, which act like cars and still can crush you, much like the Pac-Man Update, in which cars were replaced with ghosts. Instead of light blue water in the rivers, the water is now lime green. The regular trees are replaced with prehistoric and old trees and plants, sometimes with blue flowers are them. When playing using the character Palaeontologist, dinosaur fossils will be scattered on the terrain, in which if the player gains enough on them, the characters Bones will be unlocked. The Lily Pads are green, but darker green. The rails for the trains are replaced with a running lane, in which the train itself is replaced with a scurry of baby dinosaurs, which can also kill the player if crashed upon.