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Price $0.99 or 100 Coins from the Prize Machine
Update Ocean Update

The Diver is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Diver has a humanoid appearance, resembling a scuba diver with snorkel, air tank, flippers, and wetsuit. The Diver’s hair is big, maybe representing the floating hair of a real diver under the water.


The Diver has brown hair, a black & orange snorkel, yellow mask, yellow air tank, green wetsuit top, green flippers, blue wetsuit pants, and a black belt. The Diver hops, rather than swims, through the Ocean terrain, and leaves a fleeting trail of bubbles behind it. When the Diver moves, its hops make a sound and there are also different breathing sounds. When the Diver dies, it makes a short cry of pain and releases a spray of bubbles. A large whale swallows the Diver if it delays too long or retreats too far. The Whale makes a realistic whale-song noise as it swallows the Diver.

How to Obtain[]

Diver can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99.



  • The Diver hops along the bottom of the Ocean terrain, rather than swimming through the water.
  • The Diver makes realistic scuba breathing sounds as well as the bubbling sound usually associated with scuba breathing.
  • The Diver releases a short trail of bubbles that quickly dissipate when it moves.
  • When the Diver nears a clam, it snaps shut with a sound like a slamming door.