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Easter Bunny is a white, loveable bunny. Her background was normal buth the cakes are there. And the water has turned into chocolate.

Easter Bunny
Type Easter, Animal, Wabbits
Price NA
Characteristics Can spawn multiple bunny mascots that follow the Easter Bunny controlled by the player
Update Easter Update

The Easter Bunny is a mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in Version 1.4.0.


Unlike the other bunny mascots, Easter Bunny stands with two legs. It has two standing white bunny ears, a pink nose, a white tail, an open mouth, revealing its buck tooth and marks below the eyes. It also wears a blue collar with a yellow tag attached to it. Although its skin is mostly white, there are noticeable shades of pink and blue.


When playing as Easter Bunny, water is changed into chocolate. There are also some candies which spawn smaller bunnies who follow the player's mascot. Player can block other mascots on objects to lose them. One of the mascots can kill another by jumping on it. When the Easter Bunny is next to a large carrot, a chomping sound is played and the carrot has a bite out of it.

How to Obtain[]

The Easter Bunny can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 coins or purchased for $0.99.



  • Along with the Llama, Easter Bunny is one of the mascots that can control two or more mascots in one run.
  • Easter Bunny was the only Easter-themed mascot until the 4.0 update.
  • When the companion bunnies die, they make a high-pitched "mew" sound, almost like a kitten.
  • Even if the main mascot dies, the companion bunnies will stay alive until they themselves are struck by a car, etc.
    • The only way the bunnies will never die is if they are on Grasslands.
  • The extra bunnies will scream upon death.