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Falconer title screen
Type Medieval
Price $0.99 or 100Coin2Coin1 from the Prize Machine
Characteristics Has a falcon perched on their arm throughout the run
Update Medieval Update

The Falconer is a mascot from the Medieval Update in Crossy Road.


The Falconer is a humanoid character with blonde hair, wearing a green cape, hat, and pants, a brown tunic, and tan boots. A brown and black falcon is perched on the Falconer's right arm.


The Falconer plays in the typical Medieval terrain. The falcon stays on the Falconer's arm for the duration of the run. The character itself has no special characteristics, but the falcon often chirps and flaps its wings throughout the run. When the Falconer dies, the falcon screeches and flies away offscreen.

How to Obtain[]

The Falconer can be purchased for $0.99, or won from the Prize Machine for 100 coins.



  • In medieval times, falconers trained falcons or other birds of prey (such as hawks or eagles) to hunt small animals, commonly smaller birds or rabbits, for food. Falconry was also a popular sport among medieval nobility.
  • Falconry was not only practiced in medieval Europe, and was/is so widespread throughout history that it has been designated as a living human heritage element of 18 countries by UNESCO.
  • Falconry is still practiced in many places today, most commonly as a hobby or sport, though it is also practiced as a form of rodent pest control in urban areas. Many bird-of-prey conservation centers also use falconry as an educational demonstration.