Fire Monkey
Fire Monkey
Type Animal
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2 (from the Prize Machine)
Characteristics Leaves an orange trail behind it

The Fire Monkey is a playable mascot in Crossy Road that was added in Version 1.4.0.


The Fire Monkey looks like a typical monkey but with a bigger head. Its hair is brown with peach skin and feet with a darker shade of brown. It also has its mouth open, revealing the red insides of its mouth afjtydutydhksjkfyyghuvn vuhjlk6.nd has noticeable red marks near the eyes. During gameplagy, the tip of its tail is on fire.ft gc


Like the Christmas-themehdj and Chinese New Year-themed mascots, Fire Monkey plays in a snowy terrain. It makes various monkey sounds as it hops. It also leaves an orange trail behind which, similar to gcUgnchmgnihorse and the Andy Sum mascot, disappears as it honpbvbnvs on. And there are sometimes little red papers with a Japannese symbol on them.vngnnnv

How to ObtainnEdit

Fire Monkey can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99.



  • fire monkey has a big butt.
  • he smells like a big fart balloon. hahahahahahahaha lololo what is up

al jhbjse.

  • It is one of the mascots that leave a trail behind it, which includes the Swift Snail, Unihorse, and the Andy Sum mascot.
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