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Floppy Fish
Type Animal
Price $0.99 or 100 Coin2Coin1 from the prize machine
Characteristics Flops while it goes forwards

The Floppy Fish is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Floppy Fish's appearance is presumably based off of a real fish. The Floppy Fish has a base of different shades of blue with yellow fins, and a yellow tail. It also sticks its tongue out. Notably, it is turned sideways.

How to Obtain[]

The Floppy Fish can be unlocked for 100 coins with the Prize Machine or can be purchased for $0.99(£0.56). 


Similar to most of the standard mascots, the grasslands serve as the terrain for the Floppy Fish. Trees and boulders appear as obstacles and the only enemy being the eagle, who will pick the player up if they idle for too long. The Floppy Fish moves by flopping and changing an angle as it moves forwards. Notably, there are water droplets that come out of it, to represent that it's wet. It cannot swim despite being a fish.


  • The Floppy Fish may be inspired by Flappy Bird, due to similar names, or/and it may also be inspired by a copy of the same game with the name "Floppy Fish"