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DropBear Gas Truck has not been given an official name. Gas Truck, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Gas Truck
Type Vehicle
Speed Varies
Characteristics Explodes upon impact.

Gas trucks, along with all other non-train automobiles, only appear on roads. Even though roads are a major component in the game, seeing a gas truck is a rare event. Despite their rarity, they are lethal because of their one-hit-kill nature.


The gas trucks in Crossy Road appear as normal gas trucks in real life. They are bigger than cars and have a cyan front and a blue and grey back. They appear to be slightly bigger and puffs of gas clouds will emit from the truck. They have six wheels.


Unlike other vehicles, which simply run over the player, the gas truck explodes on impact, killing the player. However, it will still run over players if they are standing in front of it but does not explode. Strangely, other cars take no heed of the explosion. The truck's speed varies during gameplay but is usually fast.

If a brown llama or extra bunny caused a gas truck to explode, stepping into the aftermath will kill the white llama or Easter Bunny.


Gas trucks, along with all non-train automobiles, can be easily avoided if the player follows this common strategy:

1) Wait until the roads are nearly empty, and then cross.

2) Sprint across with caution.

3) Stay in empty lanes when a car has just passed and cross in such gaps.

No strategy is without its flaws. If the player waits too long, they will be killed by the eagle. If the player over-taps, they can pass the grasslands that sometimes divides other lanes and go straight into the middle of a river, railroad, or other road.



  • If the player gets run over rather than crashing into it, it will not explode.
  • If the player runs into it from the back, it still will not explode.
  • It is one of two exploding vehicles in Crossy Road, the other being the Rocket Truck.
  • The player can get a double explosion if they play as the Rusty Robot, or several ones as Michael Boom.
  • If as Epoch (Or as the Dragon) the player shoots the truck, it will become black. However, it will not explode. The same applies to the Rocket Truck.

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