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DropBear Grasslands has not been given an official name. Grasslands, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.

A player playing as Hipster Whale in a grassland, between two roads.

Grasslands are a type of lane in Crossy Road. Unlike other lanes, the only enemy that might kill the player in this lane is the Eagle, should the player get stuck or idle for too long.


Grasslands can be two different colors: light green and lighter green. When two or more lanes of grassland meet up, their colors are alternating. A grassland can have trees and boulders on it. Just like all other lanes, the edges are darker to mark the playable area. The playable area is 9 square units long. Birds can also be found as an aesthetic feature. They also have open vertical areas full of nothing but coins and birds.

Interactions with the Player[]

Grasslands can be thought of as "safe zones." A player can stop here for a few brief moments to plan how to cross the lanes and obstacles ahead. The one deadly thing that is in the grasslands is the Eagle. However, the Eagle only becomes a concern if the player either idles for too long, or gets stuck between obstacles such as trees and boulders.


Grassland's obstacles do not instantly kill you, but slow you down by making you go around it or make you lose the game if the player is stuck. Obstacles include trees and rocks, while average trees can be affected by different characters, average rocks cannot be.

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