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Green Truck


Green trucks are uncommon in Crossy Road. They only appear on roads. Like any other car, if the player makes contact with it in anyway, the player will die, resulting in a game over.


Green trucks look similar to the tractor-trailers in real life. They are white with a red line with a green cabin and have 6 wheels. They also have massive pipes at the side. Sometimes, an orange, light red, or gray Mickey Mouse head may be spotted near the end of the truck, on the white section. This is used to acknowledge Disney Crossy Road.


Green trucks, like many other vehicles can be easily avoided if the player follows this common strategy.

1) Wait until the roads are empty or near empty

2) Sprint across

No strategy is without its flaws. If the player waits too long, they will be killed by the eagle. If the player over-taps, they can pass the grasslands that sometimes divides other lanes and go straight into the middle of a river, railway, or another road