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Speed Varies
Characteristics Size varies, appears as platforms in Rivers.

Logs are a type of platform on Crossy Road.


Logs appear to be similar to logs in real life, they are essentially brown. Logs also have dark brown markings all over them. If the player looks closely they may notice that some logs have dark brown markings that gather into the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. This is a subtle form of several Mickey Mouse easter eggs hidden throughout the game. It is used to acknowledge Disney Crossy Road.

They come in a variety of sizes. All of them are 1 square unit wide, their lengths can vary from 4 square units to 1 square unit (note that the smallest logs only appear when the player scores 100+ points). Logs can be seen with coins on them.

Interaction with the Player[]

Logs can only be seen floating on Rivers. The player can walk on them. The player can also jump to other logs on the same lane, provided they are near enough. If a player stays idle on the log for too long, they will be swept away by the current and the run will end.


  • When the player reaches 100 or over the smallest logs (1 square unit in length) start appearing.
  • When playing as an Australian mascot, some logs are replaced by crocodiles.
  • When playing in a winter setting the logs will be replaced by ice blocks.
  • There is a glitch where if the player jumps on a log moving away from the rapids (at the end of the screen whilst very near the rapids, the death sequence may play while the mascot appears to be completely safe - just drifting away on the log.
  • Some logs can be replaced by the Hipster Whale, when you jump on them, you obtain the playable character. If the player is playing as a character from the UK & Ireland update they may see a log replaced by Nessie, another mascot. These two "logs" behave just as normal logs; they move from side to side and the player can jump on them.

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  • If the player lands on either Nessie, The Totem or the Hipster Whale, they can unlock the mascots as they cannot be bought from the Prize Machine. Upon death, the mascot will be given to the player.


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