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Matt Hall
Matt Hall
Gender Male
Residence Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Twitter @KlickTock
Mascot Matt Hall (Mascot)


Not to be confused with Matt Hall (Mascot).

Matt Hall, also known as KlickTock is one of the developers of Crossy Road. Being one of the co-founders of Hipster Whale, he has also made games such as Doodle Find, Deck War, and ZONR.[1]


Matt Hall worked in a one-man game development company called Klicktock. He started programming at the age of seven and he has previously been employed at Australian developers Tantalus Interactive and Big Ant Studios. His varied career includes positions as Producer, Programmer, Designer, Artist, and Chief Technical Officer and has published titles on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Mobile.

Matt was the recipient of Film Victoria’s 2011 Tim Richards award for outstanding achievement in digital media.

Since starting KlickTock, Matthew had developed five titles, three of which have been #1 games on the App Store. His games have been downloaded 10 million times worldwide.[2]

A few years ago, when he was 39 years old, Matt Hall lived in a sheep farm owned by his parents as a struggling video game developer. After going indie, Hall put three titles atop the charts of the iTunes app store. Still, he says, there were "a lot of years where I earned absolutely nothing." And in his most difficult times, he and his wife had a daughter, while living on his parents' farm in far Western Victoria.[3]

He lives in Australia, two hours away from where Andy Sum lives. He lives in the countryside, where there are kangaroos and sheep outside. They developed the game without meeting up, they developed it via Skype and online.[4]


  • His high score for Crossy Road is 360.[5]