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Type Ocean
Price N/A (See "How to Obtain")
Characteristics Turns princes into frogs.

The Merlady is a secret mascot on Crossy Road. She is part of the Ocean Update.


Merlady has dark skin with long dark brown hair, with a gold crown on her head, and a link tail like a mermaid. She also wears a gold bracelet on her left hand. Weirdly, she is topless.


While playing as the Merlady, there will be princes with rings trying to propose to Merlady scattered on the map. If you get close to them they will turn into frogs and float up to the surface. Merlady makes a disapproving noise when she transforms the princes. Also, clams open up to her instead of closing, which is what happens to the rest of the ocean mascots. She also hums occasionally during gameplay, and sighs disdainfully upon death.

How to Obtain[]


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To obtain her, you have to use any non-ocean character and fully cross a river. Then, jump back two logs and fall from the end of the log. At the end of your run you will unlock Merlady. Merlady is also one of the 11 ocean mascots to unlock the Anglerfish.



-Merlady is most likely based on Ariel from the Disney Movie "The Little Mermaid".

-The clams opening up to her may most likely be a reference to a part in the movie, where clams open up to reveal Ariel's sisters.

-Though you might want her, she is a limited time offer