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The Monk is a mascot from the Medieval Update in Crossy Road.

Type Medieval
Price $0.99 or 100 coins from the Prize Machine
Characteristics Holds a book over his head throughout a run
Update Medieval Update


The Monk is a humanoid character with a typical monk's hairstyle (shaved on the top of the head with hair growing on the sides). He wears a green and brown robe with a white belt and carries a blue book (likely representing a Bible) in his hand.



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The Monk plays in the typical Medieval terrain. Periodically, throughout a run, the Monk will lift his book above his head; at these points, the book will appear open, but will close again as he lowers it back down.

The Monk can be used to obtain Robin Hood, a secret character from the Medieval Update. When playing as the Monk, the player has a random chance of encountering a character that looks like Robin Hood on the side of the terrain. If the player goes over to this character and stands in the spot next to him, an animation will play where Robin Hood spins around and raises the bow he is carrying over his head. Following this, at the end of the run, the player will unlock Robin Hood.

How to Obtain[]

The Monk can be purchased for $0.99, or can be won from the Prize Machine for 100 coins.



  • The Monk character may be a reference to Friar Tuck, one of the Merry Men who travels with Robin Hood in traditional English stories.