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Obstacles are certain things that get in your way in the level.


Here are some examples of obstacles in Crossy Road.

Here is a list of all the Obstacles in Crossy Road.

Obstacles Edit

Vehicles Edit

Aquatic Edit

Lanes Edit

Terrain Edit

Mascot Exclusives Edit

These will only appear while playing as a certain mascot.

Other Edit

Vehicles Cars (Police CarRace Car) • Blue TruckGas TruckPickup TruckRed TruckTrainRocket TruckBlack Cab
Lanes RiversRoadsRailroadsGrasslands (SnowDesert)
Aquatic LogsLily Pads
Terrain BouldersTrees
Mascot Exclusives GravestonesAndroid Robot's ObstaclesPapparaziChickenMallardGiddy GoatFluffy SheepCowBig Fat PigThoroughbredScruffy DogGrey BunnyCapybaraPenguinKangarooWombatDrop BearAlligatorsGrave DiggerChinese New Year DecorationsBlack Man
Other CoinsEagle

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