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The Pac-Man Terrain is a theme that is unique to Pac-Man related Mascots.


Unlike the standard Grasslands, the "safe zone" in the Pac-Man themed terrain is black, the same color as the rivers, which can make it difficult to tell them apart. All obstacles: cars, trees, boulders are outlined with a light that would change color as the player proceeds. The roads are a dark gray color.
It should be noted that vehicles only exist when playing as the Pac-Chicken or any of the Pac-Man's ghosts. Vehicles are replaced with ghosts when playing as Pac-Man. The only veichles that aren't replaced with ghosts are police cars (if you are playing with Pac-Chicken or any ghost police car is replaced by Pac-Man) and trains.
The Eagle is replaced by a glitch that existed in the original Pac-Man. It swallows the player up, killing them.

Scoring System[]

The scoring system for Pac-Man is unique to Crossy Road. Unlike the normal road-crossing system, there are Pac-dots scattering around the map as lines. Eating (going on top of) one of these will gain the player 1 point. Eating a bigger pellet (also known as the power pellet) will cause the ghosts to turn blue and edible. They no longer possess a threat to the player for a few seconds. If the player eats a ghost under this state, they will earn five points.


  • They are never any birds in the Pac-Man terrain, making some of the quests impossible to complete with Pac-Man characters.


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