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Type Dinosaur
Price $0.99 or 100Coin2Coin1 (from the Prize Machine)
Characteristics Paths with a fellow Pachycephalosaurus appear
Update Dinosaur Update

The Pachycephalosaurus is a playable mascot in Crossy Road.


The Pachycephalosaurus has overall green skin, with darker green stripes, red spikes, and a light green underbelly. It also has a long tail, yellow eyes, two short forearms, two hind legs, black claws, and a large brown and light green head.


As a Mascot[]

Like all the other Dinosaur mascots, the Pachycephalosaurus plays in a Dinosaur/Primitive terrain. Enemies in this terrain include the Pterodactyl, Crocodiles, Dinosaurs on the "road", and fellow Pachycephalosaurus. It makes stomping noises every time it hops.

As an Obstacle[]

Exclusive to this mascot only, the player may encounter paths with a fellow Pachycephalosaurus, yet they serve as enemies to the player. When the player hops onto any part of the path, the enemy Pachycephalosaurus will start charging towards the playable mascot. If it manages to collide with the player's Pachycephalosaurus, then the both of them will be squished; if it fails, it will charge all the way to the other side and will squish itself.

How to Obtain[]

The Pachycephalosaurus can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 coins, or purchased for $0.99


An enemy Pachycephalosaurus on the left waiting to charge the Pachycephalosaurus mascot.


Both Pachycephalosaurus flatten each other when colliding.



  • Pachycephalosaurus means “thick-headed lizard” because this dinosaur had an extremely thick skull roof. The name derives from the Greek words “pachys” (thick), “kephale” (head), and “sauros” (lizard). The skull roof grew up to 25 cm (10 in) thick. The back of the skull dome had bony knobs and the top of the snout had bony spikes. In the game, all these features can be seen on the Pachycephalosaurs mascot.
  • It was theorised that pachycephalosaurus males needed a thick skull to butt heads in combat with other males in the hopes of winning a female mate. In Crossy Road, this theory is referenced by the enemy Pachycephalosaurus charging at the playable Pachycephalosaurus. This theory has been disputed more recently.
  • Pachycephalosaurus was a bipedal (two-legged) herbivore (plant eater).