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DropBear Paparazzi has not been given an official name. Paparazzi, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Type Human
Characteristics The Paparazzi will take pictures of the Celebrity, K-Drama Actor and Psy.

The Paparazzi are a type of obstacle, that appears in Crossy Road, while playing as the mascots; Celebrity, K-Drama Actor and Psy.


There are three different types of Paparazzi: Type A, Type B and Type C.

Type A[]

The Type A paparazzi has grey hair, he appears to be kneeling, and he has his right arm outstretched and his left arm bend to hold the camera. He has a grayish-green shirt and maroon colored pants. He also has dark grey shoes.

Type B[]

Type B looks a lot like Type A, with a few key differences. He has ginger hair, a maroon shirt and blue jeans. His shoes are dark grey, and he is also kneeling. Also, he is also holding a camera.

Type C[]

Unlike Type A and Type B, Type C isn't kneeling. Instead, he is standing up, holding the camera to his face. He has light brown hair and blue jeans. He also has dark grey shoes.


  • Upon death of the Celebrity, K-Drama Actor or Psy, the paparazzi will continue to take photos.
  • Before the game starts, (before you tap) the paparazzi will not take photos.
  • There is a glitch that sometimes they will float in the air.

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