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Pecking Order
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Type Gamemode

Pecking Order is a game mode available in Crossy Road. It serves as a daily challenge that ranks players from all over the world based on the highest scores they achieve during the challenge.

Gameplay Mechanics[]

Each day, players must play as a pre-determined mascot on a pre-generated level, and must have internet connection when starting and ending a run. It resets every 24 hours at 0:00 GMT/UTC (7:00 PM EST). Rewards are distributed based on the ranks players reach by the time the event ends. The highest rewards give out tokens, which can be used to unlock token-only mascots. Once all token-only mascots have been unlocked, the rewards change into varying amounts of coins. You must be on a WiFi/ Internet connection to be playing.


  • 1st place: Purple gift box (~50 tokens or 200 coins)
  • 2nd place: Golden gift box (~45 tokens or ~200 coins)
  • 3rd place: Blue gift box (~40 tokens or ~200 coins)
  • 4th - 10th place: Pink gift box (between 5 to 35 tokens or ~200 coins)
  • 11th - 25th place: Present box (~100 coins)
  • 26th - 50th place: Present box (~75 coins)
  • 51th - 75th place: Present box (~50 coins)
  • 76th - 100th place: Present box (~25 coins)
  • 100th+: ???

Gameplay differences[]

  • Levels are generated differently, with some having more rivers, railroads, and roads than an average game.
  • Numerous Paparazzi are present at the start of the challenge.
  • Some rounds have a small amount of coins to be collected.


  • If two or more players have the same score, they will both be ranked at the same spot on the leaderboard and receive the same reward. This can even go for two players who both have achieved identically the highest scores of the day, meaning that there can be more than one grand prize winner.

Update History[]

February, 2020 (Patch 4.3.17)
  • Show us your best Samba moves in Pecking Order Special Brazilian Carnaval