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Price 100Coin2Coin1 from the Prize Machine or $0.99
Characteristics random Piffle Balls escape from him
Update Piffle Update

Piffle is a playable mascot and make cameo in Crossy Road. He is currently located with the other Piffle mascots. He is also main protagonist of his game.


Piffle is a young boy with fair skin and cute features. He wears a cream cat onesie, with whiskers sticking out of the sides.


Travels in the same pastel and cartoonish terrain as the other Piffle mascots. The trains change to crate-like objects. One noticeable characteristic is Piffle ca sometimes cause Piffle Balls to fly around and disappear. He often mews during gameplay, and yowls when dying.


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How To Obtain[]

Piffle can be purchased from the Prize Machine for

100 Coin2Coin1 or bought


  • The Eagle, if you're snatched, changes into the monster Block name Doc Block from the original game. Tappy the Fox and Freddy Fazbear. Zombies pvz
  • He is second character be created by Hipster Whale when Chicken is first character.