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DropBear Police Car has not been given an official name. Police Car, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Police Car
Type Vehicle
Speed Very Fast
Characteristics Rarely appears and travels really quickly.

Police Cars, along with all other non-train auto mobiles, only appear on roads. Even though roads are a major component in the game, seeing a police car is a rare event. Despite their rarity, they are lethal because of their one-hit-kill nature.

In the Pac-Man Update, when playing as the Pac-Chicken or Clyde the police car is replaced by Pac-Man and can be used to earn the secret mascot Blinky.


The police car is based on a real life police car. It has a blue base with black wheels, a white top with a red, white and blue police siren on top.


Police Cars can be easily avoided if the player follows this common strategy:

  1. Wait until the roads are nearly empty, but if one road is completely empty, the Police Car might be coming.
  2. Sprint across with caution.

No strategy is without its flaws. If the player waits too long, they will be killed by the eagle. If the player over-taps, they can pass the grasslands that sometimes divides other lanes and go straight into the middle of a river, railroad, or other road.

Unlike other cars, a police car gives an "early warning." Right before a police car passes, a flash of blue light will occur on the road it is going to be on. This can tell the player whether it would be safe to go or not. After the police car goes by, another flash of light will appear on the road it just drove on. However, patrol cars are the most difficult to avoid due to their sudden appearance that can kill an unprepared player quickly.

Also, it is advised to not stay on a road for a long period, a police car can be really deadly for an unprepared player as it travels nearly as fast as a train.


  • The police car can appear on any road.
  • The police car is the fastest non-train automobile.
  • The horizontal lane the police car is in has to be empty.
  • If the Player is playing as Pac-Chicken, Blinky, Pinky, Inky or Clyde the Police Car appears as a Pac-Man Car.
  • Also if playing as Pac-Chicken, if you get run over by a Pac-Man Car, you unlock Blinky.
  • The Police Car appears as a space ship in Space.
  • A Police Car will never appear when playing as any of the Dinosaur characters.
  • The same goes to Space and Pac-Man levels. Though in Space the Police Car is a Spaceship and in Pac-Man its just Pac-Man himself.


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