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Type Lane
Characteristics Trains occasionally pass along it

Railroads are a common type of lane that the player will encounter while playing Crossy Road.


Railroads are roads with tracks over the top. Railroads have a white line running down their length on both sides, and they have brown lines running down their width. Railroads also have Rail Lights on their sides. Just like all other lanes, railroads are dark at the end to mark the playable area.

Interactions with the Player[]

Railroads can be a player's worst nightmare. Trains move on railroads quite swiftly, and can spell doom to the inexperienced or careless player. However, if the player is careful, railroads won't pose much of a threat.

One way to tell if a train is coming is to check the rail lights. If they are off, it means that a train is not coming or is currently passing. If it is on, it will cast a red glow and it means a train is about to pass. If the rail lights are red, it is recommended that the player waits for the train to pass. Since trains move quickly, waiting is no big deal, as the player is only required to wait for approx. 2 seconds. However, the player is recommended not to dawdle in front of a rail way: if that happens, the eagle will snatch the mascot away and end your run.

However, once the train passes, the lane can actually be considered a safety zone to stand on, as no cars can pass through the lane.


On the Android version of the game (If the player is logged into Google Play) the player will receive an achievement for standing on a Railroad for 6 seconds. To get the achievement you must stand on the Railroad for 6 seconds without getting taken by the Eagle or dying from a train on the same track.


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