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Characteristics They will appear upon playing as the Leprechaun.

Rainbows are obstacles found only while playing as the Leprechaun from the UK & Ireland Update in Crossy Road.


The in-game rainbows do not essentially look like a realistic rainbow. The rainbow rests on two grey stones which are spread out from each other, allowing the player to pass beneath it, as if it were an arch. The rainbow itself has the vivid colors of an actual rainbow, however, they are shaped horizontally in stripes which ramble across the rainbow, instead of staying there stationary. The rainbow does not curve, but instead it has sharp corners which make it appear as the "[" symbol facing down. Instead of having the actual colors, it only has yellow, red, violet, blue, and green respectively.

Interactions With Player[]

The Rainbow can be found occasionally when playing as the Leprechaun , as it is not rare. It can be passed by hopping around it or crossing beneath it. However, if the player is stuck between the rainbow or any other Obstacles, the player will be grabbed by the Eagle when idling for too long, resulting in a game over.


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