Crossy Road Wiki
Price Free
Characteristics Allows a random selection of unlocked mascots.

The Random is a miscellaneous object in Crossy Road.


The Random resembles a simple red, six-sided dice taking the shape of a red cube, and the numbers 1-6 are labeled on each side of it. It appears in the mascot selection screen in the far left part of the row of mascots.

How to Obtain[]

The Random is free and it is available when you download the app.


When you click "play", it will select a random mascot that you currently own to play as in the next round. It will give you another randomly selected mascot upon the last ones' death that you currently own, making there a total possibility of 141 choices for iOS and Fire OS, 207 choices for Android, and 132 for Apple TV.


  • The die was removed in the Savanna Update and replaced with a button with a picture of a die on it.