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A player playing as the Grey Bunny standing on a lily pad in a river.

Rivers are a type of lane found in Crossy Road.



Rivers are bodies of water the player will encounter while playing Crossy Road. The middle of the river is light blue. At both sides there is a white froth representing where the playable area ends. Beyond that, the water is a darker shade of blue.

Chocolate Rivers[]

Chocolate Rivers are a type of lane found in Crossy Road that are only seen while playing as the Android Robot, Easter Bunny, or can be found by complete luck while playing in the green lands. They are just like the normal rivers you can find in the game, except that these are brown. The middle of the chocolate river is brown and the outside of the river where the playable area ends is a darker shade of brown. when playing as a Halloween character these rivers are red, perhaps representing blood. If the player jumps in the chocolate River, they will unlock Too Much Candy.

Interactions with the Player[]


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Rivers serve as a water lane. In order to get across the river, the player must jump from logs or Lily Pads. When jumping, the logs must be at most 1 square unit away from the player. It is possible to collect coins in the river, as they can spawn on both logs and lily pads. If the player is on a log and rides it into the rapids the player falls into the water and the game would be over. If the player misjudged their distance between the logs and accidentally misses one, their character drowns, resulting in the player's death.

Simultaneously, if the log that player is sitting on floats too far away, (outside of the lighter blue area that marks the playable terrain) then the player will be swept away and the game will be over.

Secret mascots can only be obtained in rivers: the Hipster Whale, Nessie, and The Totem are three rare mascots awarded when the player dies after hopping on top of one of them, with the Hipster Whale being found in all rivers, Nessie in British rivers, and The Totem in the Monument Valley rivers.



  • Very rarely, one can find the Hipster Whale or (if playing as a British mascot) Nessie, or (if playing as a Monument Valley mascot), The Totem, in a river.
  • The Hipster Whale can also be found in Chocolate Rivers.
  • The Totem can be found in a river when playing as a mascot from Monument Valley.
  • Chocolate Rivers can be found by Android Robot or the Easter Bunny.
  • The Hipster Whale can also be found in the Space Update.
  • Aquatic Mascots are still able to drown in water despite being underwater creatures.
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