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Rocket Truck
Type Vehicle
Speed Varies
Characteristics Explodes upon impact

The Rocket truck is a truck added in the Micro Update. Rocket trucks, along with all other non-train automobiles, only appear on roads. Even though roads are a major component in the game, seeing a rocket truck is a extremely rare event.


Rocket trucks are very rare and come in singles, although on the Amazon version the truck can be seen in pairs. Rocket trucks only appear in lanes where normal trucks roam.


The Rocket Trucks in Crossy Road appear with the base of a light-green truck and with a gray striped orange and white rocket on the back. It has eight black wheels. Only four can be seen.


Rocket Trucks behave similarly to over cars; when contacted in any way (getting run over, running into the side, running into the back), the player will die. However, what makes the Rocket Truck differ from the normal cars is that if the player runs into the side of the truck, the truck will explode, similar to the effect the Gas Truck gives. However, the Rocket Truck's explosion is much stronger and it impacts the whole area rather than just a small portion of the road.



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Once hit, the Rocket Truck will explode, numerous orange and red cubes will come out of the explosion spot, and a large portion of land will turn black, turning nearby trees into Burnt Trees. Smaller explosions will appear around the explosion site shortly after the main explosion. Once the run is over, the player will be rewarded with Michael Boom.


Rocket trucks, along with all non-train automobiles, can be easily avoided if the player follows this common strategy:

1) Wait until the roads are nearly empty, and then cross.

2) Sprint across with caution.

3) Stay in empty lanes when a car has just passed and cross in such gaps.

No strategy is without its flaws. If the player waits too long, they will be killed by the eagle. If the player over-taps, they can pass the grasslands that sometimes divides other lanes and go straight into the middle of a river, railroad, or other road.


  • Before rocket trucks were officially released, Ben Weatherall posted their art. Some of the fandoms suspected that rocket trucks were replaced by gas trucks.
  • Rocket trucks are one of the two explosive vehicles in the game.
  • The model is most likely based on Soviet and Russian truck-mounted ballistic missile systems, such as the 9K72 "Elbrus"/ SS-1 Scud.
  • You can unlock Michael Boom by crashing into the truck.


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