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Policeman Transparent The information on this page is not fake, but simply scrapped or concept.
DropBear Sherlock has not been given an official name. Sherlock, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.
Type Unreleased
Characteristics N/A

Sherlock was a mascot that was going to be released in the UK & Ireland Update, but it never did. It had a concept art released but was not added into the game. It was replaced by the Chimney Sweep.

On the Windows version of Crossy Road, when you pin the game to the start page, play as Chimney Sweep and leave the game you will see Sherlock on the app on the start page instead of Chimney Sweep.


Sherlock has a light colored complexion and brown hair. He wears a grey jacket, a blue scarf, a light grey hat and brown shoes.


  • Sherlock appears to be based off of the classic version of the fictitious character Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock was not added into the game, despite having concept art released.