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Type Obstacle
Characteristics Unknown; the player cannot proceed through the area where the skyscrapers are located.

Skyscrapers are common obstacles in Crossy Road. They will only appear and can be encountered with while playing as a Korean mascot or as Framed. They have various sizes but not colors.


As a Korean mascot, the skyscrapers are towering structures that appear on the sides of the lanes during gameplay that are white with glass windows along with horizontal dark orange strips in the center separating more glass windows. There is also a long, vertical dark orange strip on the side of it.

As Framed, the skyscrapers are tall buildings that appear on the sides of the lanes during game play that are in a purplish color with glass windows and just some rooms have lit rooms, while most of them are not.


Skyscrapers are common obstacles founded while playing as Framed or any Korean or Brazilian mascot. They are found on the left side of the terrain, located in the non-playable area. They can spawn clustered together as two, or as a single. They appear in the Korean Terrain.

Interaction with the player[]

Since all skyscrapers are located within the non-playable area of the landscape, they cannot be interacted with in anyway, meaning that they can not stop the player in any way. The player can not go to it but can see it from a distance.


  • As these obstacles are found in-game by using a Korean mascot, or Framed, South Korean cities like Seoul (서울) and Busan (부山(산)) have many excruciatingly modern skyscrapers.


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