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Slippy Penguin
Slippy Penguin
Type Arctic
Price $1.99 or 10,000 Coin2Coin1 (from the store)
Characteristics Introduces a new game mode; glides instead of hops

Slippy Penguin is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added to the Arctic Update and in the category, "Featured".


Slippy Penguin looks just like the Lost Penguin while standing; but when lying on its belly, its wings are spread and its feet are held high.


Slippy Penguin introduces a new game mode unique to only itself. In the mode, it starts with the Slippy Penguin standing, and when tapped to play, it lies on its belly and starts gliding. It uses the same controls to make it go in any direction. The player has to follow the ice path laid out. While doing so, other penguins are standing on ice blocks will watch you glide, and as your score increases, the speed of the Slippy Penguin also increases. The player only loses if it lands in the water or retreats too far, which will result in the eagle snatching the penguin.

How to Obtain[]

Slippy Penguin can be unlocked with 10000 Coin2Coin1, purchased for $1.99 or found in Prize Machine. It is in the featured category alongside the piggy bank. Although it is stated that it can't be bought by using the prize machine, it actually can.



  • It is one of the few mascots that is played with a unique game mode.
  • Although it states otherwise, it actually can be unlocked through the prize machine.
  • The death animation can be glitched where the eagle does not pick it up.