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Snow is a type of lane in Crossy Road. It replaces the Grasslands when playing as specific characters.


Snowy lanes are only white. Unlike the Grasslands, the snow is only one color. The Snow Lanes can have trees and boulders on them. Snowmen will appear on snow lanes and will serve as another obstacle. When in a snow plain, a Christmas tree will appear If you are using the Festive Chicken. Shadows, caused by obstacles, can be seen on the snow.

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Interactions with the Player[]

Snowy lanes act the same as grasslands. Snowy Lanes only appear when playing as the Festive Chicken, Fortune Chicken (Although there are additional Chinese new year obstacles and decorations), or the Penguin. Snow Lanes can be thought of as "safe zones". This is because no cars can venture past snow lanes. A player can idle here for a few brief moments, using this time, they can plan how to cross the roads ahead. The single deadly thing that is in the snowy lanes is the eagle. An eagle is only a worry here if the player gets stuck against boulders or trees or idles for too long.


This is a list of mascots that play through snow:

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