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The Blacksmith
Blacksmith cover image
Type Medieval
Price $0.99 or 100Coin2Coin1 from the Prize Machine
Characteristics Can hit anvils in the terrain with hammer
Update Medieval Update

The Blacksmith is a mascot from the Medieval Update in Crossy Road.


The Blacksmith is a humanoid character in the form of an adult man with a gray beard. He wears a brown cap, white shirt, blue apron, tan pants and brown boots. He carries a hammer on his left shoulder.


The Blacksmith plays in the typical Medieval terrain, but with anvils periodically scattered around as obstacles. If the player stands facing an anvil and taps the screen, the Blacksmith will hit the anvil with his hammer, making a clanging sound and a sparking effect on the anvil. The Blacksmith makes a groaning sound when hit at the end of a run.

How to Obtain[]

The Blacksmith can be purchased for $0.99, or won from the Prize Machine for 100 coins.



  • Blacksmithing is still a viable career choice today, with job opportunities ranging from industrial work to historical reenactments.