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The Prince of All Cosmos is a mascot in Crossy Road that first appeared in the 2016 Halloween Update. The Prince is currently located in the Katamari section with the other Katamari mascots.


The Prince of All Cosmos wears a green shirt and purple pants. When the Prince moves, he bends his legs alternately, and coloured confetti is released. As with all Katamari mascots, the Prince has a hammer-shaped head.


The Prince of All Cosmos has a Katamari ball that the player can use to pick up objects. When the Prince picks up an object, a shaft of colour shoots into the air. Picking up 12 objects and dying after will unlock the Princess of All Cosmos. Picking up many objects over many rounds will eventually unlock the King of All Cosmos. As with all the Katamari mascots, there is a mix of cars and cattle to avoid on the roads.



The Prince of All Cosmos with his Katamari Ball.


The Prince of All Cosmos with collected items sticking to his Katamari Ball.

How To Obtain[]

You can obtain this mascot for free or 100 Coin2Coin1 in the Prize Machine.


  • The Katamari mascots are based on the characters of the third-person puzzle/action video game, Tap My Katamari(which is a game related to Katamari Damacy).
  • In Japanese, Katamari (塊) means "clump" or "clod" and Damashii is the rendaku form of tamashii (魂) which means "soul" or "spirit". Therefore, the phrase approximates to "clump soul".
  • In the game, the Cosmos has been destroyed by the King of All Cosmos when he was binge-drinking. To rebuild the stars, constellations, and the Moon, the King tasks his son, the Prince of All Cosmos, to collect objects by rolling them into an ever-increasing Katamari ball until they are large enough to become stars.
  • The graphic artist, Keita Takahashi, originally designed the characters with heads shaped like hammers, for a game called Action Drive. The hammer heads would stun humans and steering wheels would be attached to the humans’ heads. When production on Action Drive was discontinued, the characters were recycled for use in Katamari Damacy.