The Princess of All Cosmos
Type Katamari
Price N/A (see "How To Obtain")
Characteristics Carries a ball around that absorbs objects.
Update Halloween Update (2016)

The The Princess of All Cosmos is a playable mascot in Crossy Road. It was added in the Halloween Update (2016).


The Princess of All Cosmos wears a White and Pink dress. She also has the same exact Katamari Ball as The Prince of All Cosmos.


The Princess of All Cosmos' characteristics are very similar to the other Katamari mascots. The Princess of All Cosmos' carries a ball with her that absorbs objects around her. The more objects collected the bigger the ball becomes.

How to ObtainEdit


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The Princess of All Cosmos cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine because it is a secret mascot. To unlock her, the player should follow these steps:

  1. Unlock and play as The Prince of All Cosmos.
  2. Collect items from the ground to make your Katamari Ball bigger.
  3. Eventually when the player collects enough (about 12) for a greater chance get a score of 50 too. Make the ball large enough before death, you will unlock The Princess of All Cosmos.


  • Her name is actually incorrect. In the original Katamari games she debuted in, she's only named The Princess and has nothing to do with the Prince or his family. This is probably an oversight by the developers.
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