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Type Obstacle
Characteristics Solid; cannot go through

Trees are one of the most common obstacles in Crossy Road. They can appear in Grasslands, Deserts, and snow. They come in different heights, variants and sizes,


Regular Tree[]

These trees are the standard trees in Crossy Road that appear while playing as almost all mascots. They appear on grasslands. These trees can be found in a variety of heights. The Regular tree may be burnt by Epoch, a dragon or a Mad Wizard. They have green leaves with brown wood

Burnt Tree[]

Burnt Trees, as the name suggests, are trees that are burnt. They appear when a character with a destructive gameplay effect hits a Tree. These characters include Mad Wizard (which only targets trees), Dragon, Epoch, Michael Boom and Psy. When playing as The Dark Lord, all trees appear as Burnt Trees.

Evergreen Tree[]

Evergreen Trees are a variant of tree that, as the name suggests, appear as pine-like trees. They only appear while playing as certain mascots, notably Festive Chicken, and also come in a variety of heights.

Christmas Tree[]

Christmas Trees are unique trees that, as the name suggests, look like Christmas Trees and only appear while playing as Festive Chicken on large Grassland areas. Christmas Trees can be used to unlock Gifty, if the player runs in to one.

Dead Tree[]

Dead Trees are a type of tree that only appears when playing as an Australian mascot. They have no leaves, exposing their winding brown branches.

Australian Tree[]

Like the Dead Tree, the Australian Tree only appears when playing as an Australian mascot. They come in the same height range as Regular Trees but look a bit thicker. These trees may rarely have a Drop Bear on them.

Ireland and UK[]

These tress only appear while playing with any Ireland or UK characters . They are much darker than the regular tree.

Mickey Mouse Tree[]

These trees are shaped like Mickey Mouse ears, and can be found rarely when playing as any mascot that has their setting in the grasslands.

Brazalian Tree[]

These trees are shaped like palm trees, and can be found frequently during the run. They are situated in what appears to be a pot.


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