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DropBear UK & Ireland Terrain has not been given an official name. UK & Ireland Terrain, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.

An English clearing during rainy weather. Notice the Phone Box in the middle.

While playing as a English mascot, UK & Ireland Terrain will be present during gameplay. This terrain consists of various features that are not present in the standard grasslands.


The UK & Ireland terrain resembles a forest. The trees have a slightly darker color than the original ones. The grass is a little more bluish and slightly darker than the original. There are also different cars. For example, there are mini red cars that have a different look than those normal mini cars. There are clovers scattering around the terrain, with rarely a few being 4 leaved clovers. When playing as the squirrel, there are also acorns. Occasionally, at the start of the run, it will be raining.

Interaction with the player[]

Like all lanes, the UK & Ireland landscape doesn't change/hinder normal Crossy Road game play. The non-playable area is marked with a darker color, the player will not be able to pass that point and interact with the objects located there in anyway except for visuality.

The playable area is marked with a light Jade-green, different from the standard grasslands and is 9 square units wide. Usually present with obstacles such as trees and boulders.



The trees are a darker color, and seem to have a slightly different trunk then the normal ones.


Main article: Cars

All normal vehicles are present in this terrain. However, there are new additions. For example, a Double-Decker Bus can be seen, Black Cabs are present, along with blue mini cars and Royal Post Office delivery vans.


This is a list of mascots that play through the UK & Ireland terrain:


  • The Phone Box can only be found on this terrain.

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