DropBear UK & Ireland Terrain has not been given an official name. UK & Ireland Terrain, however, will be used as a temporary name until an official name is given.

An English clearing during rainy weather. Notice the Phone Box in the middle.

While playing as a English mascot, UK & Ireland Terrain will be present during gameplay. This terrain consists of various features that are not present in the standard grasslands.


The UK & Ireland terrain resembles a forest. The trees have a slightly darker color than the original ones. The grass is a little more bluish and slightly darker than the original. There are also different cars. For example, there are mini red cars that have a different look than those normal mini cars. There are clovers scattering around the terrain, with rarely a few being 4 leaved clovers. When playing as the squirrel, there are also acorns. Occasionally, at the start of the run, it will be raining.

Interaction with the playerEdit

Like all lanes, the UK & Ireland landscape doesn't change/hinder normal Crossy Road game play. The non-playable area is marked with a darker color, the player will not be able to pass that point and interact with the objects located there in anyway except for visuality.

The playable area is marked with a light Jade-green, different from the standard grasslands and is 9 square units wide. Usually present with obstacles such as trees and boulders.



The trees are a darker color, and seem to have a slightly different trunk then the normal ones.


Main article: Cars

All normal vehicles are present in this terrain. However, there are new additions. For example, a Double-Decker Bus can be seen, Black Cabs are present, along with blue mini cars and Royal Post Office delivery vans.


This is a list of mascots that play through the UK & Ireland terrain:

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