UK & Ireland Update
Crossy Road icon
Release April 1, 2015
New mascots 17 new mascots:
New Features New texture for Xi and the Ghost, new English lane
Preceded by Chinese New Year Update
Succeeded by Micro Update

The UK & Ireland Update is an update for Crossy Road which was released on 1st April 2015 for iOS and 9th April 2015 for Android. It adds 17 new mascots (including #TheDress and Llama), based around Ireland and the UK. The app icon was also switched back to its original. Xi and the Drop Bear (as an enemy) were given new textures, and the Desert lanes are now a darker shade of orange. It is the fourth content update, and succeeded the Chinese New Year Update. The following update was the Micro Update.

New Characters Edit

New ObstaclesEdit


  • All of the mascots are British or Irish themed, except for #TheDress and the Llama.[1]
  • The Rugby Player, although it is a part of this update, it was actually added by its succeeding update, Micro Update.


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