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  • I live in A home. A nice one, too.
  • My occupation is Existing.
  • I am Male

Hello. I have been expecting your arrival.

Type Moderator
Price N/A (see How To Obtain)
Characteristics TheBaldEagle is modeling his page after a Mascots page.

TheBaldEagle is the second admin on the Crossy Road wiki.

How To Obtain

TheBaldEagle cannot be obtained. TheBaldEagle refuses to bow down to any master.


TheBaldEagle likes Crossy Road. He has 85/90 mascots. His hi-score is 329.

TheBaldEagle's Opinions

  • The Dark Lord is the worst mascot because you can't see trains coming
  • The Drop Bear is just the Koala with different eyes
  • Crazy Ol' Ben is perfectly sane
  • Big Fat Pig is just husky, not fat
  • Fast Tortoise is faster than Swift Snail
  • Swift Snail is gross


  • TheBaldEagle was promoted as the wiki's second moderator after CustomEpicness and right before Axiy.
  • On April Second, TheBaldEagle was promoted to admin.

This is where I will test new templates. I ask you to NOT actually edit the page, despite what some of the templates say.

Grave Digger1

"Hey, I can't see the next lane!"

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Tip of the Decade

Temporary Safety


In busy roads, railroads can be used as a temporary safety zone. Especially because the time period between the arrival of trains usually last for extremely long. Also, it's easy to tell when a train's coming. But beware of mascots with special surroundings that may block your view of the rail lights!

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A link to CustomEpicness's profile. He is also a moderator and is responsible for the idea of "Challenge of the Week".

A link to the Kookaburra page. The Kookaburra is the best mascot in all of Crossy Road.

A link to the Drop Bear page for absolutely no good reason.

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