The Wolverine is a playable mascot in Crossy Road that arrived in the Arctic Update.

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Appearance Edit

The wolverine is based on the real life animal, called the wolverine. It is a medium sized wolf-like creature a brown splotch on top of its body and the same color brown underneath and on its paws. A lighter brown is the base color. It has a short, stubby tail and white teeth and a pinkish tongue sticking out.

Characteristics Edit

Like the other arctic animals, the Wolverine plays on a snowy-arctic terrain. It can eat red meat while playing as this character. Nothing happens if you eat a lot of the red meat, but if you die in the water as all characters, you will unlock the iceberg.


How to obtain Edit

The wolverine can be obtained by spending 100 coins at the Prize Machine, or you can buy it for $0.99.

Gallery Edit

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