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Yodo1 Games
Country Based In China
Notable Games
  • Crossy Road
  • Cut The Rope: Time Travel
  • Cavemania
  • Yodo1 Games is a Chinese-based games company responsible for publishing Crossy Road on the Google Play Store and the Windows Store. Their logo appears when you first open up the game on an Android or Windows device.[1]

    Crossy Road[]

    Yodo1 Games began working with Hipster Whale on Crossy Road in the late August as, according to Matt Hall, "partnering with Yodo1 means we can devote all our time to making new updates and versions of Crossy Road as good as they can be."[2]

    Yodo1 Games' CEO, Henry Fong has stated, “The very moment we got our hands on an early beta of the game last August, our entire review team instantly caught Crossy Road fever, we worked closely with the Hipster Whale guys to preserve its fun, indie spirit. Together, we were able to reach a massive fan base without compromising the gaming experience. We’re so glad gamers love it as much as we do.”[3]

    Matt Hall has also stated, “We’re working with Yodo1 to develop a lot more surprises for future updates for Crossy Road players, with the success of the recent Australian-themed character update, we want to continue bringing relevant content to Crossy Roaders of different cultures across the globe.”[4]

    Crossy Road on Google Play already got 10 million downloads in 20 days.[5]


    Yodo1 was founded by Henry Fong and James Lalonde in 2011.[6] Yodo1 is a leading publisher and co-developer of smash hit indie games, and is dedicated to bringing them massive worldwide audiences without compromising their indie spirit.[7]